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Avianca started a direct flight between Bogota and Santa Cruz de la Sierra

With a daily frequency

R. R Bogota | November 25, 2018

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Avianca Airlines started a direct flight between Bogota and Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. There will be a daily frequency on the road, which already exists in the center of the airline's operations in Lima.

The flight will depart from El Dorado International Airport at 8:28 pm and arrive at Vira Vivu International Airport in Bolivia today at 01:44. Thus, Bolivia has more than 3,700 daily chairs and different connections from different points of the market. Avianca has over 60 locations from Bolivia to Stampovers, either by Lima or Bogota.

As recently reported, Avianca also started a direct route between Bogotá and Chicago, becoming the first airline to make this connection straight. Avianca will run four weekly flights from Chicago's Terminal A & # 39; Hair International Airport to Airbus A319 aircraft. (Avianca started the first direct route between Bogotá and Chicago).

According to the airline, "This new flight will allow Chicago passengers to connect to a vast network of Latin American cities provided by Bogota, such as Quito and Guayaquil (Ecuador), Lima (Peru), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Santiago There are more chances of reaching the Colombian sites such as Coli, Madeleine, Barranquilla, Pereira and Cartagena between Day Chile and others. Similarly, passengers from the above cities will be able to access Bogota from Chicago. "

The airline was also on its longest flight in Madrid, in which it added its fourth city to Europe after Madrid, Barcelona and London. He confirmed that he was expanding his offer in France, Switzerland and Italy. (Avianca arrives on its longest flight in Munich and analyzes Paris and Rome).

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