Sunday , June 13 2021

Barcelona will not allow Barcelona to win Real Madrid Election in Brazil

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Neymar farewell from Barcelona is a scam, as such a limited club FIFA And vice versa. The dome of Bluranga can not be ruled out because now things have changed.

Until a few months ago Barcelona I realized it was impossible, but now they do not decide to take back the neutrality of Lionel Messi. All the garlic in Brazil is of particular importance to hayves. It can avoid controversial situations Dumbel After his arrival there is no career now.

What will you do? PSG? The departure of their unity from the club in Paris will not be considered They are cautious in any case. even though, France They indicate that the contract in Brazil will have a specific direction. If an offer is 222 million, they should agree with it.

But it is no secret Neymar Priority Real Madrid, So millions of people will make a difference. Florentino Peres Cristiano was forced to sign it out from the outside. The Merin Group specifies the need to face challenges. They will go with everything to sign in Brazil in January. Maila, Eden Hazard.


Manchetser plans to take the United Neymar in the January transfer market.

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