Monday , January 25 2021

Before the "Line 10" declared by Piñera, the Surprise National Chairman of the Metro Board

The inauguration of the line 3 was called "Pinericos", in the absence of President Sebastian Pinner's inaccuracy or bugs were not exempted.

The first new route was on the presidential press point before reaching the first official trip, where Transantio has the value of lighting on trains and buses. "To go to UBS port (SIC) charging cell phone".

At the new press point, where it was accompanied by Metro Directory Chairman Louis de Grenzene, Peñar talked about the future "Line 10", which is not estimated.

"We'll go up, lines 7, 8, 9 …", Peñar said that when D.Grange weakened his head, he added "10", the moment He closed his eyes and closed his eyes.

In place of substance, error of the form, keeping in mind or plan for Metro network suggests Line 8 Construction (Providence-Puente Alto), 9 (San Diego-La Pintana) and Line 4 Expansion From the Plaza de Pueblo Alto to the Bas D De Maya area; But not line 10; As long as it is not in Pinar's plan and he has not informed D Grange.

It should be remembered that when Pinera was a candidate, among his proposals he talked about the final Metro Line 10, in which he plans to integrate ñuoa, Macul, La Florida and Puenteo Alto communities within 17 kilometers.

"When we have half the network of residents of Santiago, they will be able to move to the Metro station from their home and it will change the lives of millions of residents," the President said with a message that they live in areas, make sure new buses will reach.

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