Wednesday , January 27 2021

Bethesda has denied that Fallout 76 will go into free-to-play

The beginnings are not easy, But Fallout 76 has begun especially toward Bethesda: Uncertainty arrangements, soon after the launch, the problem with the big discounts of the price and the collector's version also got out of hand.

Accept or die That, then, then the molecular philosophy. Of course, free-to-play is not an option: through your Twitter account The Maryland Company has stopped rumors It Fallout online Saga will jump on the free model as a fan's reaction.

One, the way, He adjusted himself Fully against this idea.

Bethesda, if Fallout 76 goes free-to-play, I want to get my money back. It's for sure. 500 molecules [de compensación] They will not be enough at this time. As an unconditional fan, she will go back to her face after the slap.

After the frustrating silence in this regard, he began to think in various networks, Bethesda Answered This user with a short message as a firm:

This rumor has no truth

It's not that the free game model is impossible to adapt Fall 76. And it can not be said that Bethesda is not able to proceed in such situations. We have Elder Scrolls online, which has gone through a critical first phase.

However, the fact of betting on that solution is fact Two months after launch It will make the trust of the brand's debt vibrant. Fatal error

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Is it the last word in Bethesda or is the only time on the compulsory face? Everything will be based on future planning materials and updates in the oven. It can be a nuclear button in the game, but it just depends on the people of Maryland that she enjoys clicking in the future. And also Your Responsibility

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