Sunday , March 7 2021

Bienvenidos criticizes live and beauty care procedures and viewers Tv and show

Radiations have been created for channels for channels, so programs need to be upgraded through their content to attract the attention of the programs.

Welcome He went a step further, saying "at least the easy" beauty procedures were performed, "to revive without a scalpel".

Surgeon Hector Waldes He was a rinomodelación (applied to filler injections to converting the nose) to a blepharoplasty (interaction with the separation of small pockets of fat from the extra slim from the load eyelashes).

The doctor's operation took place in the two volunteers inside a plastic bubble.

Allowed to change the location to a sterilized bedroom. As explained by Waldz, this is the operating room that caters to the right conditions.

The bubble is the only surviving and eagle in Chile.

But even though they had the precautions of the program, the audience was not moved to show audiences to show every turnout of the audience.

According to some Twitter messages, There is no room in the areas where this type of procedure is performed, They interrogated Polo Ramire and cameraman inside the bubble, and a camera that spills the space.

Channel 13
Channel 13

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