Monday , May 17 2021

Boca-River: Madrid's cheapest ticket is the most expensive sports in Buenos Aires

This Final price No entries Copa Libertadores Final The river's plate and the Boca Juniors will dispute On Sunday, December 9 at the Bernouu Stadium in San Diego Between 60 thousand pesos (80 Euro) The cheapest and $ 190,000 (€ 250) The most expensiveConnamball sources confirmed the L-Pies newspaper in Spain.

According to this source, there were some resistance to putting such high prices in comparison to Argentina for the last hour: Between 18 to 80 euros for the appointment of La Bombona and Monumental (who was suspended). That is, Barnaby's cheapest ticket is almost the most expensive ticket to Buenos Aires.

A ticket in the grand finals is a small part of Argentina, where the average salary is 277 thousand pesos according to the labor ministry. There is more value with stellar match in Europe. In the past in Barca-Madrid, for example, tickets were between 179 and 499 eurosRecord rates in classic; And in the Semifinals Returns match between the previous champions between Madrid and Barron at Bernabeu between 90 and 360.

For security reasons, There will be 5,000 tickets for each club distributed, which will be sold in Argentina. Two teams will buy tickets and 5,000 people will be handed over to Argentina. Each team indicates the full name and ID number of buyers in the list. Clubs will provide more information to people interested in getting tickets. Tickets sold in Argentina must be physically removed in Madrid with the introduction of DDI. Tickets are withdrawn only by those people who will use the login entry to report later. Tickets are non-migrated.

Advertisement for sale of 20,000 tickets for fans of every club in Argentina will be made online through this page. Http:// Everyone can buy up to 4 tickets. River play fans who do not live in the Argentinean region can buy from Sunday, December 2 to Tuesday, December 4. Boca Juniors from 4th to 6th December Entry downloaded on a cell phone will be the only valid access document for the party to purchase online shopping.

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