Saturday , April 1 2023

Businessman Isidoro Quiroga Computers Launo Australia's Launo Purchase Buying Leaño: $ 9 Ounces Launching OPA for OPM.


He agreed to sell his stake to the businessman Isidro QiRogora Lenovo's father Jovio.

Australian firm Isidoro Quirago agreed to the Asian company Giovio. Giovio, owned by Leidda, the owner of Honda company, 880 million US dollars.

Chilean businessman Salmon farm controls 94.5%However, it has reported that the Asian Tournament will open a public Tourover Offer (OPA) to buy 100% stake in the company. Larterrun was participating in an extremely big operation at the National Salmon Company. A special adviser.

According to the agreement, shareholders will be $ 880 million (…) if the transaction is to be executed, shareholders agree with Jovioo, "he said, a key factor sent to Chile Salmon Company's President Martin GloOf to the Reuelter.

The contract is a series of terms to be reached in the new agreement 2019 in April. When Josoa completes a satisfactory caution, those parties will sign a related stake-sale agreement, and then they will approve from Chinese authorities, Chile, abroad and other related permits. After gaining everything, OPA will start in 10 business days, Success or expiration reasons are not subject to change.

If any of the parties fail the agreement, Anyone can pay a $ 20 million compensation, That is inevitable.

In August this year, Agreputer Für Empreses Aquaculture, which controls Gonzales, took control. In a business worth $ 850 million. Transactions will be implemented through a public offer (OPA).

The Agosphere Offer equals $ 473 per share (as per the August 6 proportional exchange rate) 15% gift The deal was not $ 410 of the closure before the communications were communicated.

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