Sunday , August 7 2022

Carlos Menim visited his son Maxiomo


The Meneum family was raised by Maxi, the son of Cecilia Bologua. After publicly declaring a tumor on his 14-year-old head, Carlos, Sulema and Carlos Nair traveled to Chile and participated in an operative intervention.

Argentina's former president Elizabeth Queen arrived after Argentine judicial authorities allowed her to leave the country for five days.

After passing through immigration controls, Menace moved to Las Cinde's clinic. By the time they arrived at 7 o'clock, the glamor was reported. Once in Clinton, former president interacted with the medical team for 15 minutes to talk, and then left the place.

During his visit, the son did not meet Macsimo. He did not meet with the sleeping Scylla Bologna.

Carlos Menem will return to hospital on Saturday. About 30 minutes before a fresh medical report on the health condition of the young man.

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