Sunday , March 26 2023

CCU stand for efficiency in tackling Chile


The complete cousin of the USU It was the result of many confrontations during their conference call.

A part of consultancy is an indication of the average price impact of the main rival's promotions in the beer segment.

We are experiencing situations where our main rival and imported brands, especially supermarkets, have many difficulties in monetary stuttering through a number of promotional activities. For many channels,

Therefore, the company's patronage of the portfolio has intensified in order to maintain market share, which Jottar considers that it should not change much.

He added that the way to combat this attack was to increase efficiency. In effect, the effect increased and the margins were improved.

The first of the Argentine and Focus sectors. Though the effect of Hyper-Emergency Adjustment Market has affected, the perception of the perspective, which causes the transfer of brands along with ABB, increases the division by up to 6% to 7%.

In Colombia, meanwhile, they started their new plant in Postobón partnership-tune.

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