Sunday , September 25 2022

Check out Bethesda for its return policy with Fall 76


Players and fans of some Bethesda are not happy Fall 76. This title was involved in many controversies before its launch, and later the community saw serious problems in the performance of the game.

Given this, some players find ways to return the game and get a refund for a bad experience. However, various reports suggest that Bethesda has not accepted all the returns.

According to many users of reddit (Via Indu sport), Many fans arranged for compensation for the PC in the past version of the game version. However, for some reason the company has not accepted more returns in recent days.

Law firm Migelio and Rathod have published a text on its blog which confirms that it is investigating Bethesda for its return policies. Fall 76. The organism emphasizes its launch and problems in the players' bad experience.

"Because of the numerous technological problems of the game, players trying to get a refund could not download it because they give them an impossible experience to play until the patch takes them to a proper position." Miguelese and Rathod

The player firm offers various means of contact to inform players about their experiences with the compensation process. Now it is not clear where this investigation will go and any kind of plan against the developer class action lawsuit.

Bethesda launched the first patch of the game and took action on this issue, whose console weight was more than 40 GB. Despite this, the community is not completely happy with the results. However, it is the fact that the company works on more optimization.

Fall 76 It is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Follow this link to see more news related to it.

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