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Check out the benefits of Ojus GS to deal with diabetes by calling users' health check up


November 2018.- Healthy people who are diagnosed with diabetes are invited to find out about the benefits and benefits available to them from the international newspaper of the disease.

Aysen, Elizabeth Vergara's local agent, recommends first to know about diabetes: "Firstly, users are familiar with the diabetes they face before they are known through professional consultation and the GES have two distinct characteristics.

Type 1 diabetes is the high level of glucose in the blood and the destruction of pancreatic cells. It causes insulin insulin and insulin insulin-dependent dependence. Extraordinary increase in thirst (polypsia), urinary production (polyuria), abnormal increases (polyphagia), rapidly increased body weight, or dehydration degenerative chemididosis, variable degrees. Kids often have a severe ketosexidoscosis debut.

Type 2 diabetes is the high level of glucose in the blood, the product of insulin resistance, and the proportion of insulin beer in general. It is not for signs of adolescence, especially adults, and for another reason why 50% laboratories are being tested to find it, not clinical suspicion. Due to high intensity, very low levels of critical epidemiology determine which precise complications occur precisely. It is associated with high heart disease, such as hypothynthesis and dislpydemia which are age, overweight / obesity, and an increase in diabetes with physical inactivity.

There are two types of diabetes and different access and opportunity guarantees:

In diabetes 1, all suspected beneficiaries of modified Type 1 diabetes will be given access to a specialist testing test within 7 days. If there is suspicion about your suspicion, you will have access to diagnostic verification through a glucose test within 30 minutes of medical attention from the Emergency Department. As a part of, both patients should be diagnosed within 24 hours of treatment.

In diabetes 2, all suspicious beneficiaries of type 2 diabetes in glycos meter will be provided within 45 days of determination. On the other hand, the beginning of treatment should start the diagnosis within 24 hours. This should be done in a referral way within 90 days when specialist specialist needs medical attention.

Users can find information from, or they can visit the local agency of Kali Jose de Morelia NIO 370, Regional 3, Coiakai area.

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