Monday , January 18 2021

Chukwakamata is delivered to Kodelco by workers' activities in underground

The world's largest copper manufacturer bids to modernize one of its oldest mines. Given that the schemes release a range of disruptions and protests by employees, it becomes clear that technical issues are not the only barrier to obstruction.

Kodaleko breathes new life in Chukkamamata farm in northern Chile. $ 5,500 million is in the final stage of the plan, which will convert most of the open valley mines into underground farms.

By 2022 the mining company needs to invest $ 22,000 million in state-owned enterprises, while its old mining needs to be modernized, while the world's deposits have reduced reserves.

However, this project will tell human employees, according to workers, who show that more movement can be expected.

In the changes made in the mine, approximately 1,700 jobs will be cut from the existing 5,000. Considering that other codecs will follow the same path as a deposit, employees are requested to listen more. This indicates that Codlaco's relationship with mining staff can now be worsening as the global copper production is stuck behind the demand.

"This will be more intense," said Cecilia Gonzalez, President of CindyCoopo No. 1 in an interview in Vlorpas. "We will continue to run until we understand the company." We are facing the administration that will replace Chukkikama without regard to its culture and its history. Wants. "

The process of modernization for the ChukkiKamata underground is associated with the Kodelko's labor negotiations with three large units in the mine, which represents approximately 4,500 of 5,000 employees. They will have to sign a new collective agreement before it expires in May.

Changes in underground extraction in Shatabadi Chukkkama already have costs for codeellers. After the hindrance in July, due to the decline in production this month, workers were barred from entry to mine on two occasions.

Management of three out of five unions, management wants to negotiate with outgoing workers, including medical coverage, job cuts and compensation packages. They also want to guarantee that the status of working for underground workers will not be worse when mine starts in mid-2019.

González said, have not heard management yet. "Workers are aligned with union leaders because they understand that the health of their jobs, their benefits and their families is in danger."

Kodelko's Executive declined to comment.

Opposition in ChukkiKatata, which produced 331,000 tonnes of copper in the last year, and can affect the remaining mines in the northern district of Kodelko, which are very close to each other and in some cases can use access routes. It includes the Rammomirus Tommy, the second largest of Kodelko and the Ministro Hels.

Largest well

The most searched place on Earth, located in the heart of the Atacama Desert, can be a mistake for Chukwikamata one canyon. Shatabdi mine is about 5 kilometers (about 3 miles) long and has a depth of 1,100 meters (3,600 feet). It takes one and a half hours for the truck to go down.

There is a long history of conflict between the KKKLCO's third largest chakoKamata company and workers.

Union number 3 president in Chuquicamata, Rolando Milla said, "Management has tried to frighten the workers." "But the history of Chukkikama has always happened, there is a time when activists awoke and demand their union leaders to stand up. This is happening at the moment and our people are angry."

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