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Classic includes: Official Fiction Soccer of the First Division Championship Beginner's 2019

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Context | UNO agency

On Friday, Bio Bio Depotes announced First Division National Championship match of the first round of 2019Defined by the National Professional Football Association (ANFP).

On the same day, La Radio announced that the next tournament will start at the end of the week On February 15 and 17, Copia Chili, before the Palestinians, Catholic University, for the first time in 2018, few days after the Super Cup was played between the champions.

And this information was made official on Monday by the National Football's governing body. Normal & # 39; Dual of Champions & # 39; Will be played between First Division (UC) and First B (Coquimbo Unido) winners. in exchange, Unión Espanola should be called Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile, will organize Cobrasel.

There is one other aspect of programming of classics. For example, in The 5th Column (March 17) Colo Colo will be local to the Universidad CatolicaWhile Eighth day (April 14) UC & # 39; To be domestic & # 39; University Classic & # 39; In

Finally, first & # 39; Superclassico & # 39; The year will be Local Colo Colo on the thirteenth day, It will be played May 19th

National Championship First Division by Bio Biocill in Scrubb

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