Wednesday , January 20 2021

Clubs approve the European Financial Fair Play: they can not sign if they do not follow

On this Tuesday, a new council of presidents was held in ANFPs and clubs, unanimously approved, new Financial Fair Play with European styleReplacement of economic penalty with higher penalty: Can not sign in.

"We are looking for best practices in markets which are references, such as the European market, and there has been a regulation corresponding to the reality of Chile, in which Some limitations are set "He explained Aldo CorrodiasiANPP's General Secretary

It's the limit Can not spend more than 70 percent of club's employees It will also allow a maximum deficit of three years, so that clubs can become autonomous and stable in the long run. "

Regarding the punishments, Korardi noted that "survivors were economical, we had to settle in the financial fair play and If the club does not follow this limit, which clubs set itself, they will not be able to sign the players in the inter-season."

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