Thursday , January 21 2021

Clubs will review the plan for ANFP after reducing CDF sales

Canal Del Futbol (CDF) is the starting date for Turner as the new owner. On January 17, 2019 South American Sub 20 starts, which will be broadcast live on the channel and it will also be the first staging of the US company. But the first purchase must be completely settled.

It is in the process that the parties currently work. And although, expected to come this week, negotiation experts had assured that the seats will not be held yet, but it will not happen next week.

Documents for the approval of sales by the National Economic Prosecutor's Office (FNE) are also pending. However, this file is already in the hands of parties, which is reviewing privacy related aspects.

In parallel time, the meeting between Turner and ANPP in the coming days will be finalized to define the aspects of the new contract.

But, this is Thursday's day of certainty for the football world. At the President's conference to address three issues of purchase with 32 clubs, first B and second division of the first division, the National Association of Chinese Professional Soccer of Chile (ANFP), will explain the nearest source.

First, in the financial and accounting areas, define the next step to follow; Where ANFPs will signal clubs, as the financial implications of the people involved are changed.

Second, the amount received by each club, with an initial bonus amount of $ 3.1 million, is updated with the end of last year, but with other types of changes and, in addition, in the UF.

After all, the ANPP will also announce the clubs that the monthly payment will be paid for the transaction. This funding, the new structure of the ANPP has been given – which wants to be more rigid in terms of financial control – it will comply with pay and other payments.

Turner is changed

Turner, the company Turner, which is owned by local football transmission rights, is still unaware of the depth, because the operation suggests that the first step will be to expand the channels, so that more than two games can be able to broadcast. Which will enable more signals.

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