Wednesday , July 28 2021

COESID performs redressal and search operations in the URSE. – NSS Oaxaca

  • Gabriela Velásquez Rosas said that Oaxaca ranked ninth in HIV cases at the national level.

Oksaka, Oaks- For the second consecutive day, the state council for the prevention of AIDS and Outpatient Center for Prevention and Care for AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (COESIDA-CAPASITS) perform actions to prevent and detect human immunodeficiency virus. (HIV), this day was held at the Southeastern Regional University of Oaxaca (URSE) Campus Aial Rosarioori in celebrating National Day of HIV testing.

Prior to the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery students, the general director of COESIDA-CAPASITS, Gabriela Velasquez Roses, mentioned that in the cases of HIV, Oaxaca is at the ninth place in the national level, according to the National Center for Prevention and Pathology information, HIV and AIDS Control (Sensex) For this reason, he emphasized the importance of implementing preventive and diagnostic strategies, because of the proper diagnosis, it can have effective and quality care.

After all, the head of the State of HIV / AIDS Program urged university universities and general population to take HIV testing in mobile units and go to San Bartolo Coetopec, Salina Cruz and CAPASITS of Santiago Piñota Papa Nacional.

URSE participated in this event by the director of the USSESE, Sultia González Rosales Medical and Surgery Faculty, on behalf of Benjamin Alonso Smith Arango's Rector; Director of URSE Nutrition School, Silvia Lois Lopez Castellnos and CASIDA-Head of Training Department of KPSISS, Andreas Felix Santiago Nino.

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