Sunday , January 17 2021

Colo Colo | Truth in the case of Juan Carlos Gaiti Mario Salas was amazed with them, but his problems in Polola were all confusing

The next situation confuses Soul, because he was very happy with what he saw in practice. The future of former Cobrasal is uncertain.

Thursday, December 27, the Colo Colo formally made Juan Carlos Gaiti form of reinforcement. The former Cobrasel player finished a dream as a child to protect the colors of "Kesiku".

This wish was shown in the tasks under leadership Mario Salus He performed a great performance in training on Thursday and on last Friday and was seen by the former Cobrasal, "Commander" was very happy. What's more, he guessed it as one of the definite issues in attack posts.

All right there, but … In view of the CDF news investigation, Gait did not arrive at Saturday's training, so that technical personnel could be warned. Reasons? Love was strong.

A strange situation with his partner led him to a sudden journey to the north of the country. After that, Stryker asked not to go with the rest of Buenos Aires to stay in Chile by mentioning "personal problems".

A situation that would have troubled Sullus. Coaching staff will not have to wait – yet uncertain – the arrival of the end, Part of the staff working with "Commander" was to stay in Santiago to explain Gate to his decision.

Black and White's Board of Directors are concerned about the dispute of the board, as the action of the soccer player is expected for a player with a reinforcement poster.

till now, Geeti has retained silence and the only target given to public was to remove his publications related to Colo Colo from social networks, However, on Monday morning, he trained with Professor Alboas in the morning.

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