Tuesday , August 9 2022

Comic student Stan Lee died at the age of 95


It is a legend of comedy Stan ReadThe 95-year-old monument in Los Angeles, USA, is responsible for the spider-man or hulk.

"My father loves all the admirers, he was the most honorable and great man," said Joan Celia. ReadThe daughter of the artist.

Confirms first information Read (New York, 1922), from his home in Hollywood Hills, arrived at a hospital in Los Angeles.

More than 50 years since the colossus of American cartoons and the Marvel Publishing House, the essential citation needed for popular culture, Read He also created other prominent characters such as Fantasy Four, Iron Man, The X-Men, and Derdew.

In recent years, a writer has suffered a lot of health problems ReadA woman married seven decades.

The success story of Marvel Read He always thought he was a little comedian and comedian, and they brought the artist into media spotlights.

"If you try to write things that you want to read (but point out the writers) you do not know, but you know, if you write something you want to read, there are other people like you (you will love)." Read In honor of his career in Los Angeles in August 2017.

"I tried to read stories, character, a job, and the other one I wanted to read," he argued.

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