Monday , January 18 2021

Compedere Monaco showed how it makes its way without finding 'Special Forces' & # 39; TV and show

If Chillian is a character burned in television history, it is Compedere Monaco, a mythical member of the extinct series. Vanessa. Although the program was completed many years ago, people still remember the role played by Adriano Castillo in love.

The most striking feature of this character is that actors make their life perfectly normal, run on the streets of Santiago, use the subway and drink coffee in the local capital classic. That is why it is possible for Adriano to take photographs with his loyal followers on frequent occasions.

In this context, on Twitter, a user shared a postcard via @brandbabel, where exactly Compedere Monaco appeared, attracted our attention. This visual actor shows passing between the Special Forces of Cabinosos team, who was detaining in the middle of the street.

"Adriano Castillo, is this real? If it is, how much style in emergency situations"Waiting to answer the actor, Twitter wrote in his account.

"Very realistic, with simple dance steps I make my way into Special Forces without finding out. I'm like the King of Huangacca (Huacaca) of this solid wood.", Castillo was released in a release that quickly went viral, which is two thousand 'likes'. Crossing

This scene promptly created comedians in Netizens, especially the & # 39; Motchito & # 39; Through the techniques taught by For the same reason, the actors were filled with appreciation for this funny scene.

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