Saturday , September 24 2022

Conmebol confirmed opening the disciplined procedure against the river: they are 24 hours to answer Soccer


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Santiago Via Agence France-Press

Confused last Saturday you can get expensive value River plate. This is because Conmball has confirmed in the last hours of Monday that many people are expected: The & # 39; millionaire & # 39; Start the cast against the process.

The South American football governing body confirmed on an official website posted on its website that "the disciplined unit has opened a disciplined procedure against the Club Ethero River Plate."

The process begins with Connbball's description "Due to the events that took place on November 24, 2018, the date of the final return match of the Commonwealth Libertadores 2018 was fixed."

Conbabley added, "The club has been instructed 24 hours of instructions to make its instructions, and the evidence presents that it seems appropriate in its defense."

From this process, click & # 39; DailyBlancisco & # 39; The square will be investigated and strict sanction may be obtained against it.

Remember that fans of the river's week attacked the bus, which is the campus & # 39; bostars & # 39; , Which ended with the suspension of the injured players and the suspension.

This Tuesday at Connabball's headquarters in Luke, the leaders of both the clubs will get biology with the idea of ​​reaching an agreement.

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