Monday , August 2 2021

Crisis Universidad del Pacific – Dario Finasiero

The committee's president Kristina Girardy said that "the ministry will have to be clarified as an institution because the Minister Cubilos has just assumed it and this is a problem that has been going on for many years."

This Worldwide Emergency Crisis Universidad del Pacifico They came to Congress. The Education Commission will call on the Minister of the Region, Marcella Cubilos next Tuesday.

According to the detail of Kristi Girardi, Chairman of the Commission, the uncertainty that this institution is its partner and teachers, due to the uncertainty, the uncertainty of what will be the actual situation of the organization standing will be clarified.

The parliamentary party said, "We want to know what the ministry has done, and why it reaches a limited situation and no action has been taken to anticipate this crisis." He added that "The ministry has to be clarified as an institution because Minister Cubillas has just assumed, and this is a problem that has been going on for many years ".

The parliamentary added, "What is happening with the Universidad del Pacifico is showing lack of supervision on the part of the Ministry of Education, the fact that they are agencies with the National Council of Education and the National Commission of Accreditation, they are in charge of the quality of higher education institutions. The Pacific University is alive, it is repeating what happened with Universidad del Mar, Ibero-American University, and what would happen if the Ministry looked towards the side. "

"Today, universities like the Pacific are working, which are not valid and approved by law, the ministry does not oversee these types of institutions and that is a big problem for us in Chile, the ministry should appoint an interim administrator here, because these issues are not known today , But a long time ago. Obviously it is preferred to reach full brokerage position, when you can not resolve things before deciding to argue.", The MLA guaranteed.

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