Wednesday , January 27 2021

Depu Joaquin Levin: "Cathy Bariga will always be part of the history of Mapuche"

After interrogation about the sectarian authority's appearance in the walls of the great local heroes of Lisa Nacional de Mappu, UDI Deputy Joaquin Levine Leon came in defense of his wife, Mayor Kathy Barryga.

According to the statements collected by 24 hours, the parliamentary person noted that Barriaga "always criticized for criticizing him for trying to break it." She is a woman who has shown great work in the municipality of MAPU. "

Concerned about his image appearance in the National High School, Levin Leone made clear that "The mural passes through different locations of the last 200 years of MAPU, it is the first mayor and has taken place in history, who likes it. "

"I think it is a very good tribute and cAtri Burgiga as the first mayor will always be part of the history of Mapuche " He made it clear.

Parliamentary body has saved Berga as the mayor of Mapuchea, which states that "she is a very middle-aged woman, very dear (…) these criticisms make her strong".

With this, Depu went forward to Levin and said that "there are many people who like Cathay Bariga as the Chilean leader".

However, the leader of the community refused to start a parliamentary career in the shortest possible time, because "she is a great mayor, she loves public service and not politics, it often happens here Congress"

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