Friday , January 22 2021

Do you confirm the principle? Renato Joefre Advanced TV and Show in the future of Gonzalo and Javiera's future campus

The character of Gonzalo (Renato Joffrey) characterized in mega telescope has evolved a great development Hidden truths. Recall that a few weeks ago, he suggested his partner Javiera (Maria Jesens Miranda) with whom they passed.

However, because of this "ghost" of the past, the future of this relationship can be in danger. This was the one who made an interview with the actor.

"Javier's father still does not know about Gonzalo disease (HIV), so it will be a permanent struggle", Clearly Joefre, in his risk zone to identify his character.

However, it confirms that the young person is very charming with Javiera, there are people who can make this relationship incapable, as it is in the case of Roxana (Rosio Tocca). "It is near, all the decisions and things that happen, it is in danger. It is her character from the explosive and tremendous personality, she always confuses Gonzalo", He explained.



In this context, he ensured that both Samuel and Roxanne "They will be impossible to separate Gonzalo and Javiera".

These statements can confirm the theory that arose in December last year, Those who mention Roxy can spoil the couple's marriage, who announces in full ceremony that his friend is HIV careers.

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