Friday , January 22 2021

Dollar today in Chile

With strong organizational participation, the exchange market was completely abolished from what is happening in Brazil and Mexico.

Investors have continued to keep the signals given by the Federal Reserve in the last monetary policy announcement yesterday by the United States Federal Reserve, but it does not pay less attention to local exchange rate, which hates what is happening around it, its own curriculum Belongs.

At the end of the day's trading, the exchange rate was $ 691.5, which showed a $ 3.5 increase over the previous day's closing.

The behavior of the Chilean Peso, the so-called reference currency, such as the difference between real and Mexican peso. And that's if Chile's currency decreases by 0.5 percent, its colleagues get more than 1% of the dollar against the dollar.

Why is this? From the market, they say that institutions, especially AFP, will be behind this dollar movement in Chile, because they will buy important in North American currency.

At this moment, the international price of the dollar currency – is derived from the dollar index, which contrasts with the currency basket – works with a 0.34% drop.

For this the price of copper has decreased. According to coaches data, despite the country's main exports being around 0.5% in the spot market in London, futures of all maturities on the comx have fallen by more than 1%.

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