Wednesday , July 6 2022

Economic growth has been slashed by 2019


For a child Slow in the economyAfter a good start in the coming year with the growth rate 5.3 per cent in the second quarter, Appearing in the end of the year, along with them The last image is 2.3%, the lowest rate since June 2017.

The figures for next year are not very good.

Of course, according to the figures 2018, the last results Survey of Economic Expecters In 2019, the rate of growth continues to decline In November, the figure was 3.5%, or 3.8%.

The main reason is because of a drop of consumption, according to analysts.

"Chile's economic growth is strongly influenced by domestic consumption, and in this environment, the behavior of the labor market (based on the real wage and evolution) behaves as well as the dynamism of growth. Unemployment rate and fall in nominal wage index, tend to lower levels of CPI They are a signal that explains part of the current recession, "the director said Center for Regional Studies, Renato Segura.

According to 42 Economists, growth rate for this year has reached 4%.

"In 2019, growth should be a roundabout At the start of this year, it was 3.5% lower than expectedThere are external risks that are of importance to developing developing countries, "he said. Yusuke economist Andrews Ullowe

This is the situation in Turkey and Argentina. Other major countries, such as Italy and Brazil, can contact. He said that the elections are still uncertain. "In addition, we have to add a soaring or endless commercial threat. Internal aspect, although Chile is good in expectations, it is not as good as Pinera felt at the start of the governmentTaxes and labor laws have not changed much, and the pressure on costs increases. It has now emerged through the reform of pension, but the economic climate ".


Another indicator of an account Negative picture was September to September, Who believed it?It had gained 46.1 points. In August, the index had declined by 0.9 points. As a result, consumer confidence can be achieved in the third quarter and the lowest level since September 2017.

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