Friday , January 27 2023

Ed Boone Mortal Combat 11 takes the first look at the nightwolf


Some time ago Netherlands Studios, Developers Mortal Combat 11, They make us happy with a trailer where we can reach 4 out of 6 wrestlers who will come along with them Combat Pack In the game, we can see the names of them Spons, Sindal And NightWolfFrom 3, it is believed that the latter will be visible afterwards Mortal Combat 11, From Shang Tsang He came into play on June 18.

After leaving some teasers, where we saw artistic way Sindal, Spons And NightWolf At his doctoral arts, at least in his head, we do not have much information about these new characters, but recently the creative director of the game and co-creator of the franchise Mortal Combat, Ed Boen, He posted on his personal Twitter account, which is an image that will show us more than "a little bit" NightWolf, Has given us this idea that he will be ahead to appear in the game.

"And now the taste of the things that come … # Mortal Kombat 11"

In the image we can see the classic Tomahawk It takes it NightWolf In its battle and part of its left foot, what is interesting is that the background is unclear, which can be a new one, but it does not have many details, though some believe it can be Scorpion In some new clothes.

As we mentioned earlier Shang Tsang On June 18, it was introduced to those who were catching it Combat Pack No Mortal Combat 11Maybe Netherlands The next gameplay trailer is ready to show the potential NightWolf, The community believes that this character can be transformed into monthly addiction strategies on a monthly basis and in mid-July.

Mortal Combat 11 It is available on the platform Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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