Monday , January 18 2021

Eldin Perezz, "True Manchu", rejects the quota of poor students in paid schools: "It is not a solution"

Ellyn Periguez, Professor and author of the book Born three yearsThat person is there The character Pedro Machu was inspired most oftenFrom the movie Machuova.

Paraguay took part in St. George's College between 1971 and 1973. He did his secondary education until he went to San Ignacio School until the military strike on 11 September.

He lived in a city in a city in the Las Condes River, who asked him to stay away from many of St. George from his colleagues. "This experience is sweet and pleasant," he said in an interview 360 °. "Because there were always difficulties, because These are psychological effects"He added.

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Perez recalled that "there were many prejudices to break, poor prejudices are not capable, those who do not care who are not wise." However, he lives positively: "I was able to go to university and later I got a scholarship and I could study abroad. That does not mean I am smarter or less intelligent, The only thing that means I got the chance"

Is that system reactive?

When asked about the project Machu's law Proposed by the opposition, which is establishing quota of more vulnerable students in the establishment, Paraguay said that "It is not a solution, because the solution is that all the schools are good, Public education and private education, and the state should ensure that the schools are good in public education, so we do not need a mosquito law. "

"In some cases it can be useful, but it provokes this conflict among people, especially adolescents Oppose this discrimination"He added.

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