Monday , May 17 2021

Electronic embarrassment: due to technical failure of voting, the internal elections in the UDI stalled

This Sunday's Independent Democratic Union (UDI) should have internal elections. However, the issue of electronically voting forced the political store to suspend the elections.

Uday's General Secretary Isha Court states that, "We can explain to you that the system (system) was unable to recover the system's obstacle and it is evoking an answer that can answer the questions."

The suspension of votes was postponed by the Supreme Court of the party, and the ISA court "believes in the face of Kudadaniya, with the seriousness associated with both list liabilities, and above".

For their part, Opposition Javier Maize and current Helmasson Jacqueline Van Rieselberg are in opposition to the Presidency, it is believed that what happened in the street Sweden community is a lack of respect.

"I understand and share the despair of the terrorists, what has happened is a lack of respect for them," he said.

In a statement, the UDI announced that it was agreed on December 16 to repeat the elections for the first time.

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