Friday , January 15 2021

Epic Games gives family compensation, whose son spent $ 1200 on Fornite – Technical and science

© Twitter Epic Games gives compensation to the family, whose son spent $ 1200 on Fortnight

The famous video game allows to purchase items for their characters.



An American family got major compensation from Epic Games, a video game company. Because your 11-year-old son will spend $ 1200 In the famous game "Fortnight ".

Fortnight is a free video game that allows real estate investing to purchase aesthetic elements for characters.

According to the site newsjack, the mother saw that person lose money on her credit card, although before she thought that she was a scam.

After the day's passing, she realized that her son is sharing more than the cost of costume, dance and weapons for the game. $ 800,000.

After writing an email on Epic Games and after getting the day's reply, the family decided to take a case in the local case. However, An agreement was signed with the company and he was awarded the award for spending the total amount.

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