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Exetergers accused the death of Camilo Catrilanka: "People on the tractor do not fire on us" – National

© Agency One Exchanges expressed by Camilo Catrilinka's death:

The statement before the lawyer's office is Carlos Elkrcan, a former investigator who blames a bullet for killing community members.

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New advertising is important in the investigation of the death of the Maguache Communications Camilo Catalina, On November 14, police died due to bullet injuries by police officials.

Make this one Former Sgt Carlos ElaconOne in four uniforms A policeman was investigated who kept the bullet in control, which killed Katrilanka.

Alcarna, La Tresera tells us, In his second statement admitted, Before the public counsel George Caleedron on November 17, which was first made November 15th in November, I leave some things:

"We conclude from my previous statement that the position we were in was as follows: After passing the third barrier (road cut), when I got a head-on with a blue tractor run by a subject, I was about 15 meters high Should be done and "he said.

He added: "The first thing I did was intimate him To stop, to focus on driving with my service weapon, "and justified it:" I did this because at the time when we were walking, we got information about the workers traveling by helicopter (…) and stopped three vehicles stolen vehicles He had made it and climbed on the tractor. That's why I decided to write them. "

He did not follow them according to his command, he decided to kill them: "When we met, I spoke words like Alto, CaribiroStand there However, the tractor maneuvers were short and up-to-date, which kept me close to the curve. Then I decided to make a decision that I do not remember exactly if four or five shots were directed to the tractor. "

They say that they make sure that they pointed to the lower area of ​​the tractor that "without being able to specify where their right or left is" "He was getting them to stop."

He added The tractor went a few meters ahead and closed on the side. He saw it A person came down with his hand And he could see when he came near the tractor "There was a headache in other subjects (…) and it was loaded right".

He also admitted that he too Both Katrilanka and her companion were created And clear "Those people who were on the tractor did not kill us"

For these facts, the former Sergeant Carlos Elkrankan and Raul Evila formalized the proceedings for attempted murder, attempted murder and attempted the barrier.

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