Sunday , January 24 2021

Facebook denies sending user data to third parties without password | Aitico's

Refuses to give data to third parties without a Facebook partner

Why? In Social Media

According to the New York Times, Facebook delivered its user data to Microsoft, Netfix and Spoofie, which set alarms again for the treatment of people's personal information.

Facebook Inc. has said that it has not allowed other companies to access the data of people without their permission, the New York Times has reported that some large technology companies have been able to access user data more in the social network.

On Tuesday, the newspaper reported that by referring to 2017 documents, Facebook allowed Microsoft's search engine Bing to see the names of all the friends of social network users without their consent.

Konstanti Papamiltiaadis, director of platforms and developer program in Facebook, said "None of these organizations or facilities have used the information without the permission of companies, and have not violated our 2012 agreement with FTC." Blog

According to the New York Times, Facebook gave companies such as Netfix and Sportify the ability to read private messages from users and Amazon was allowed to receive user names and contact information by their friends.

Facebook said that users did what to do to access specific features on their Facebook accounts or devices and platforms made by other companies such as Apple, Amazon, Blackberry and Yahoo, which are called & # 39; integration partners & # 39; Is known as.

The social network suggests that these partners had access to the messages, but before using the messaging features of the user, users had to "explicitly log in on Facebook first."

Facebook added that it had closed all these organizations in recent months except Apple and Amazon.

Earlier this month, British legislators published documents that show that Facebook offered some companies, including Netflix and Airbenb, access to user data selection.

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