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Famous people who have terminal illnesses and you probably do not know



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(Caracas, June 29. News 24) .- Many national and international celebrities They were diagnosed with a lethal disease, Chronic, degenerative or nuisance And even though they are based on treatment, their life can be stopped a little less.

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Here we will show you some celebrities fighting for their lives:

Selena Gomez

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The 23-year-old singer suffers from Lupus. The immune system is designed to fight foreign or foreign objects in the body; Among the people with Lupus, Said that the system is affected and attacks on healthy cells and tissues, Which can damage the various parts of the body from joints, skin, kidneys, heart, lungs, blood vessels and brain.

Remember that there is no remedy for lupus, it only increases the quality of life that is suffering and Gomez has done it for all these years.

Halle Berry

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Gorgeous actress suffers type 2 diabetes for 27 years, so she needs to take weight to avoid getting extra pounds, This can put your health at risk. Although its pancreas does not work properly, it has an insulin diet and cure that helps in better quality of its life.

And although it seems to be a serious illness, it is not really, because people suffering from diabetes should take care of extreme diet and daily routine medicines to avoid suffering from diabetes coma and disorders that can lead to death.

Tom Hanks

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The well-known Hollywood actor was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 36 and recently went on to type 2. Trying to lose weight It's less risk that their organs stop working.

Sarah Hiland

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There is a congenital malformation in the kidneys of "Modern Family". She was on the edge of death, but her father Edward He donated kidney to keep alive, Now it is in better health, although its life is not in normal adolescence.

Frankie Munies

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The protagonist of the movie "A Great Lear" and "MaleCom in the Middle" is affected in the heart, so at a young age, he is rarely 30 years old, There has already been two heart attacks. Doctors say that the third assault can be deadly.

Michael Douglas

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74 year old actor Throat cancerThe last treatment being done was very effective.

Former NBA Player Arvin "Magic" Johnson

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Arvin "Magic" Johnson is the famous NBA player to play for El Lakers for the 13th season. In 1991, he was diagnosed with HIV virus and has since been a lawyer for that HIV prevention And makes AIDS "The Magic Johnson Foundation".

Josemith Bermudes

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The 39-year-old animator, Jasmine Bermudes, became calm and devastated by the disease. How is cancer?, It again relapsed again in 2017 with her ovarian cancer metastasis and on today's date she struggles to eliminate the disease from her body.

Dayanera Towers

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Puerto Rican and Miss Universe 1993, Torray Torres, 44, suffers Skin cancer; Melanoma, which was diagnosed on February 5. This disease has not spread to your body due to various treatments.

Charlie Sheen

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Actor Charlie Sheen (53), famous for Warner's popular series "Saada and Half Men", is very clear about his illness. Sheen is the carrier of the virus Human immunity is caused by AIDS.

On November 18, 2015, interviewed on NBC's "Today" program and hosted by Matthew Lower, he announced the news.

Carmen Alicia Lara

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Actress and model Carmen Alicia Lara suffers from breast cancer –Especially in the right breastAnd committed lymph nodes. It was managed a few months ago and so far the disease is expected to disappear completely and it will never return.


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Julian Eduardo Guzman, & # 39; Steffrey & # 39; As was known in the special program dedicated to the "Prom of Fame" remembered by the famous "Teal of Dogs" program broadcast by Television. In 2007 HIV was diagnosed. Since then, his career had fallen, he had fallen into poverty, medicine, and on today's date he struggles to get rid of the problem and live a new life.

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