Thursday , January 21 2021

Felipe Cast for the statements about the Catalinca case: "I will be more cautious in the future" National

Senator of Evapoli, Felipe Cast, Went out to apologize for distributing her unfortunate words during an interview On Fernando Poleson Radio La Klav, After two days Camilo Catrilanka's assassination.

For example, the parliamentary person claimed to have seen some images.How did caribiniroj's car, land car and clearly conflict"

After the recent video of the operation of Catrilanka's death, some of the social networks asked the cast to improve themselves and to mention exactly what she said.

In this regard, Senator commented on Twitter that "I have received many criticisms in the last one and I want to say that this is perfectly reasonable. I think it is necessary to apologize (SIC), because I made a mistake believing in the initial version of Carbiniros"

Caste added that he never imagined the cover-up and such false news, but he "Like many people, I was betrayed, and I believed in the information that I consider it accurate with photos spread in this field, and today we are related to different and previous events".

After all, in the social network it is believed that clarification and identification of mistakes is important because they can move forward in search of truth and that "In the future, I will be more prudent in this situation".

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