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First Game of "The Game Of Thrones" Continues in Final Battle – 11/07/2018


Weeping, anxiety, anxiety, fear. The premier of the HTC Ome Game of Thrones eighth and last season will have to wait until next year, but no one can talk about it.

The same actors who completed the recording, Whatever the end of the final fight to decide the verdict of Veseros, they are united together.

Game Of Thrones.

Game Of Thrones.

"It was uncomfortable, I was an anesthesiologist and I had to go for a few hours," said Sophie Turner, Weekly in the backyard, He first read the script.

Emilia Clarke (Dinerris Targarine) said, "I have a great influence, Email With "a cup of tea in your hand," it can be viewed just for reading and reading.

Peter Delenez (Tieran Lanist) admitted that he had not survived the end of the years, whether he had survived his character or not. At the same time, Kit Hurrington (Jan Snow) said: "Do not let me know, I do not want to know," he said immediately after arriving at his meeting. When he finally read, some tears fell.

In fact, the actors do not necessarily disclose the surreptitious details of the set without revealing (often, as they say). When they realize, they could work better in previous times (even with a lot of drinks on top).

"There are times you do not trust yourself", and "you have the information that millions of people want." It's odd, "some comments. At the same time, thousands of theories are spreading on the Internet.

Despite closed lips, Clarke and Harrington made a few words.

"It's fun, it takes five to five scenes a day five days ago." Everything must be perfect, they take shots for all the possibilities of getting options, "he explained. His friend supported him: "Everything was more than usual, every decision, a conversation, and a mood each one was a unique experience of intensity."

John Snow, Danes, the main characters in the Middle Ages. Press HTC photo

John Snow, Danes, the main characters in the Middle Ages. Press HTC photo

Soon, HTC will be releasing a trailer that will reveal more details. Only so far, do you know the following:

  • Winterton's Season opens up in an episode with many gaps in the first chapter of the series.
  • The drama will play many characters, including some who do not know each other.

"It's incredibly exciting, and it's going to be a continuation of a sense of emotion," co-executive producer Brian Cogman said.

Even Game Of Thrones Finish, the story of Vesterros will continue. HBO now works on new coastal projectsEven in the very moment with the events that occurred hundreds of years before the original story. Like the main characters, This is discussed by Naomi Watts and Josh White House.

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