Monday , January 18 2021

Flu begins to start in the Valencian community

It seemed that the flu would not affect the valencian community. During these months, the warm temperatures enjoyed in our area have delayed the arrival of the influenza virus, which affects thousands of people every year. The respiratory disease, which It is characterized by its simple transmissionAlready injured in other autonomous communities, such as Cantabria, Malilla or Catalonia, which have crossed the average events or the Basque country where influenza virus is already considered the epidemic.

In the Valencian Community, although Influenza's development is still stable, the recent data of the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network of the Carlos III Health Institute They signal to the above evolution In Autonomy such as the Bierich Islands, Canary Islands and Navarre Thus, the Valencian Community is one of the four areas that crossed Influenza average events in 47.05 cases of 100,000 inhabitants in the last week of 2018, with an overall total of 35.82 cases of total Spain total.

The Department of Health and the middle of December, which includes hiring additional personnel in hospitals – Contracts up to 172 – The spread of influenza virus can be a health system at that time. 42% more than the previous year's healing, have not been effective at this moment, because there is no sharp rise in influenza in the Valencian community.

This Main features of influenza It is a pain in the head and muscle pain, fever, cold and ointment. However, this virus is usually the risk population, i.e., people over the age of 64, pregnant women, kidney patients, immune people, diabetes, morbid obesity, carefully ill people, cardiovascular or respiratory and health workers.

A group that is recommended to vaccinate against this virus, before the cases start. In this sense, according to the National Epidemiological Surveillance Network statistics, serious cases of hospitalization have been confirmed due to influenza, of which 54% of men were 64 years of age, followed by males aged 45 to 64 (27%). Among them, chronic cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease and diabetes are the main cause.

thus, OCU, highly hygiene is recommendedWhile scratching or sneezing, cover your nose and mouth, divide food, glasses or lots and ventilate the room well to prevent the flu. But, if we have already been infected, it is recommended to avoid alcohol or tobacco to relax, drink, and remove the symptoms. They also give a warning Antibiotics are not useful for the treatment of flu.

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