Friday , January 15 2021

For history: This effort gave him the title of Chile on Argentina for the games

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This Chilien Selection Her champion was named Rugby Seven Tournament of Punta del Este, After the victory on 7-5 in Argentina In an exciting Final for the Gold Cup.

The night marked by the rain in the field marked on the journey The Stadium & # 39; Domingo Berguño Miguel & # 39; Condor 'Maldonado & # 39; Later they had to come and 'Puma' To overcome the defeat, the disadvantage had to be withdrawn, which appeared as favorites.

The pleasure was total and reached the last seconds of the game. After reciprocating the ball of Tresandenos, Lucas Westcott In-goal achieved and faced in full speed, tried to allow this figure to match. Then, Rodrigo Fernandez Kick kick failed and earned two more points which gave the title to the citizen.

This was a pleasure among the Chileans, who could win the victory over the rugby team that supported the continuous growth process, which reached the final of the same tournament last year and also participated in the World Cup. Specialty

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