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For me the most recent mobile phone of the year ..

As an essential signal for Face IDs, as a fashionable aesthetic element, 2018 will be remembered in the world of smartphones. It is the year in which the double lens is not enough and the year in which biometric systems coexist, such as reading fingerprints on the screen and face recognition. Smartphone is a field Innovation is a terrible race.

We already have a clear telephone year, What is the most current terminal in 2018? We asked Engadget editors that more phono tried and they answered us.

Find Oops X.


Anna Marty

I think the way to do it is not the best, but I think it's a good start or at least something that "does it that we can do it" The mobile module for camera and face detection is a complete innovation, Breach of previous design and usage practices And it is coming closer to the infinite screen (or, instead, frames), which the manufacturers think is going forward, although it is not practical as we saw in the end analysis and there is constant doubt that there is rigidity and other factors They will compromise with mechanism (or system itself, objection, etc.).

However, I think it's a kind of note edge, a terminal that was not successful in any medium, but it was a turning point for Samsung's flagship design, and in a way curved screen fashion began. After Fine X, we have seen Xiaomi Mi3 3 with a simple (mobile) option, so before we can fold a mobile phone, we can see similar solutions of OPPO, this is the basis to improve.

Cesar Mula

Although more and more options will appear in the future, I think this year the Innovation Award will be given to the Oppo X (999 Euro). It was There is a slap on the table while many people were discussing this And other options to maximize the phone's screen. Its sedimentary camera system is very skillful and it is a solution that is aesthetically and very intuitive to the user.

How it is different from the age or its value, but, I believe The Chinese company has been brave With this creative option here

Samuel Fernandez

It can not be the best phone for this year 2018, although it has been in the top position in some moments, but I think OPOO Find X is eligible to get title on the latest phone of the year. He has not invented anything that does not already exist, as the pre-smartphone has already played to hide the camera in other parts, but its automated system has proved to be very proven in order to hide and show the camera You can not click & # 39; Notch & # 39; Or you can get an ideal 100% screen without another abstract cutHowever, we are making them normal.

We believe that we can not take more time to see that the search of OPO has entered the design of X, because we have already seen similar proposals, although the engine is particularly characteristic of the China brand. Definitely Let's find these years in X.. Maybe your proposal stays there, but not because they have not tried it and they have put it at risk.

Jose García

However, I think the smartphone is a weak year in terms of innovation, I think OPPO Find X is eligible for exclusive mention. When Tweeting is almost worried, the Chinese company wants to run away from it With one method, when it can bring its shortcomings to the state of durability, it brings something new that it likes, on that issue, Sion has copied it (more or less) in its Mi MIX 3.

I speak of a retractable camera, of course. Sensational sensation with hand produced by OPPO When you see all the symmetrical screens and are happy without framesAnd that's thanks to the camera's mechanism. It is an idea that looks original, comes into effect better and it gives good results, to make matters worse. It is a different factor that separates the terminals from its competitors, and it never breathes fresh air into the world of smartphones.

Laura Sekstrin

Leave the Triple Camera representing the Huawei P20 Pro and the four cameras which connect to the Samsung Galaxy A9 (484 euros), I personally believe that the year's mobile in terms of innovation is OPPO Find X.

Chinese manufacturer selected A fantastic motivated sliding system to get rid of excellent Choosing the latest face recognition system to hide the front camera and provide it with a fingerprint reader.

With all this, this model achieves The screen / front ratio will not be less than 93.8%. The system may be more or less successful, but there is no doubt that it is the latest. And for this, we should add that OPOP X. The version of which is being the first smartphone with 10 GB RAM in the market.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Matt 20

Pedro Centamaria

Renewal in the smartphone sector is quite complex over the years. At the end The differences that they mark are in the form of software, Like a pixel camera, Or with hardware-level updates. Because things like Oppo Find X's retractable camera system are interesting but do not provide real value.

So, Matt 20 Pro (1049 euros) I feel most comfortable. Experience gained with P20 Pro has improved a proposal with a three-back camera that gives a complete look The most versatile camera of the moment. Then, like Kirin 980's screen, designs and capabilities make it a very round terminal.

Enrique Pirez

The manufacturer, who has moved in so many sections this year, has been Huawei. Matt 20 Pro is a major part of the innovation that we have been seeking for a long time and even in it You get a very balanced experience.

This The list of difference aspects is huge: Fingerprint reader is hidden on the screen, a super compact model, with one of the fastest loads in the market with 40W, there is a replacement wireless charging and some manufacturers can boast of being their processor as Kirin 980. .

In addition to these additions is triple-cam theme, Huawei has created a trend And with its companion 20 Pro, the possibilities we've seen in P20 Pro are much more elaborate. Hybrid zoom, portrait mode, nighttime and wide-angle photography.

It's not a special option for them, but it's a fantastic user but it's been successful in getting them into the same mobile phone. A smartphone that has managed to grow The best research of the year is definitely the best for all the research work behind.


Although others have done this before, I think this year is the most surprising and useful innovations Three cameras and fingerprint sensor integration under the screen, And Huawei Mate 20 Pro both have integrated the two ideas with both smartphones.

At this moment neither one nor the other fully reflects its predecessor (Pixel 3's only camera or front-end sensors like P20 Pro are good examples), but when it comes, it is a fascinating jump. Go to mobile photography and almost any framed screen There are clear signs of interest on the part of users.

Huawei P20 Pro

P20 Pro

Daniel Espla

Huewei P20 Pro (575 Euro) The first to include triple cameras And, moreover, under the quality seal of Lika.

I think how to interact with a monochrome sensor, 40MP RGB and telephoto lens Marked before and after mobile photography. And that, of course, is the value.

Inaki Agirrezbalaga

Undoubtedly P20 Pro, because I think it marks the trend adopted by most of the top phones, triple cameras, and I think this is the only jump that marks the year.

But obviously The first to implement AI properly Mobile phones have been "generalized" this year due to the action of the Met 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Note 9

Antonio Ortiz

I break the spear for Not 9 (857 euros), because it seems very continuous but it "Mobile that gives you a frictionless desktop experience"

Again, it's a growing improvement, not a great discovery that replaces the imagination of the past year, but I think it's more in the future Machine for everything and at all times It will become a telephone.

Xiaomi Mi A2

My A2

Antonio Subhan

Despite the many novels in the night photography of high-end terminals, for me the most recent term of the year, without any surprises, Xiaomi Mi 2 (179 Euro) So it can contribute to all kinds of pockets.

Before that, I think the mid-range photography was submerged in the darkAlso in the terminals, which doubled their value. Better from the MI2, better photography, which looked very good in the high-end 2015, less than 250 Euros in everyone's hands. Before and After

Vanplus 6 T


Javier Penelava

In a year in which the innovation in the smartphone world is not weakened, and almost everything goes around the AI ​​applied to the camera, which results in more suspicion than the reality, my new generation of mobile OnePlus 6T549 Euro

Especially, I'll take it to you Fingerprint Reader System Under Screen, A technology that works very well to be the first generation, and has given the freeprint reader the benefits of sacrificing it on the front and almost all without framesless design.

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