Thursday , May 6 2021

Four people of Pudhul Talleton went down on the stage of the stage

There was an unfortunate accident in the community PudahuelThen, then The frame of the structure of the framework of Telithon 2018 will collapse Suddenly, Falling on four peopleOne of them Disabled child.

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The fact came at a time This Saturday at 4:00. According to Radio Bio Bio, this happened in an accident Commune's Plaza de Armas, Especially in the streets of La Estrela and San Francisco.

According to information reported by the same meaning, Four people were injured after the fall, With different considerations injuries, Including an Open TecWithout any victim at risk of life,

It may be of interest to you: If you go to the National Stadium, be aware that this is the transport services and circuits to close Telithon on Saturday.

The fifth general fireman went to the place, to rescue the trapped victims, while the background of the case was reported to the Purdue Proceeding Office.

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