Tuesday , January 26 2021

Frontal Crash leaves a dead person in Pan Di Azhuca

The woman who was familiar with the early MPE was a balancing act of tragedy in the field of Santa Filomena in Pan Di Azucar.

José Pena Arakena, the first lieutenant of the eighth Coquimbo Fire Company, gave daily information to L. Dian that the warning was given to him at 05:00 on the morning of this incident.

"We took part in a high energy collision between two small vehicles, where there were three people, one died," he said.

According to preliminary data, the victim was with her husband, who survived minor injuries and the driver of the vehicles was sent to the emergency department.

Meanwhile, other mobile drivers were involved, but minor injuries were made.

Siyat de Carabinior's officials work to establish the cause of the accident.

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