Sunday , March 26 2023

General area doctors will start the consolidation


This Group of General Practitioners of the Zone announced the consolidation Next week, the Health Ministry has been accused of alleged incomplete promises.

From the guild they announced that there was a dis-integration Public System Entrance Contest, Difficulty in the execution Training Committed by the government and Remove the excitement Doctors in extreme areas.

Mobility This will start Monday With over 2,500 paralyzed doctors Nationwide

The group explained that there was Breach of contract From Minsal in specialty training, the doctors offer the program according to the number of expansions and 830 scholarships formed.

"I don't think the ministry has any responsibility Unfulfilled promises, but only open talks about the working conditions of these professionals, "the health minister said, Jaime Manalich

"One of the most relevant issues is when they are included as doctors to train the plants and so, in antiquity and there we have had differences of opinion with the comptroller, in the sense that it can be inferred that they can." Counted the part, "he added.

Guild: The effort the ministry is making is questionable

Vice President of the Association General Association of General Practitioners, Sebastian GalleriaTalked to Cooperative Journal And explained that there is currently a commitment signed by Arturo Ziga, Assistant Secretary for Healthcare Networks, that has not been completed.

"It is a commitment the Under Secretary has tried to achieve before assuming with progressive efforts, where we are telling the Ministry and trying to insist that this is coming, although we need more training positions. They were unable to reach the same offer fur last year, So what the ministry is trying to do is very questionable, "Gloria said.

"We have seen one in the ministry throughout the year Management that is not very favorable "The zone and general policy that the group generals mean, then, is a more reflexive step for the entire operation of the year, rather than just this commitment," he added.

However, training quotas have increased by 18 percent in recent years, Scholarship denied.

"We're open to dialogue, though yes We need a serious proposal, formal, and shows a commitment to care about what is the strength of primary care and who is moving to the most vulnerable Chile. "

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