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Genetic benefits for very few people [Ciencia] – 11/18/2018

London.- In superheroes who have received the most prestigious prizes, they are full of science fiction. However, the truth is that some common people have no special power.

The smallest part of the population has genetic attributes.

These qualities can lead to genetic change, which is a natural process that changes our DNA.

As some people claim to be genetics, others are more fortunate, claiming genes that provide extraordinary abilities.

Here are five examples of the benefits you can thank your genes.

1. The perfect subaltern view

Many of us seem dull if we open our eyes when drowning in water.

This is a problem in physics: the density of water is similar to the liquid in the eye. The light of the clay can not cross the eye properly.

That is why people are usually only in contact with the air and only humans can see.

But there is an exception: the Mama inhabits the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean in Burma and Thailand.

This tribe is called "gypsies of the sea". Because they spend only in spending most of the years living in water bodies and boats.

If you have genes, you can water in water.

It is believed that this genetic change has occurred, because he pushes plenty of water, boosts the fish from the oceans by sea.

A scientific research published in 2003, published in Nokia Biology reveals that the genetic mutations in the nose are varying in the form of water for their eyes.

This allows you to see clearly when you enter your eyes and the light is more than 20 meters in water.

Endurance to cold

Other genetic properties found in certain indigenous peoples have the ability to withstand low temperatures.

The average temperature ranges from 36.5 to 37.5. That's why most people deal with hot water rather than cold weather.

A normal body can not cope with severe cold. But there are certain births for their special genes.

The tribes living in the artytic or nenotus residing in northern Russia used to cool at temperatures.

Their bodies respond differently to the cold. Because they are different from the rest of the biological way of life.

For example, they are not shaken from the cold, they are less retired, and their skin is more heat than usual and their metabolites have very high rates.

These abilities are genetically clear: If you move in the middle of the north pole and live there for decades, you will not take the incredible abilities of people with these conversions.

3. A little sleep time

Without a single tribe you can have an ability to sleep for a little longer than usual.

Many studies show that between 7 and 9 hours of sleep should be needed for relaxation.

Less sleep is both physical and mental.

However, according to a study conducted by twins in 2014, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine led some people to find genetic changes to reduce sleep time.

People with the DKE 2 gene will have an intense RM snite. This makes their leisure more effective.

You are fully relaxed for 6 hours or less on the day and are ready to face the day.

However, experts say that this transformation affects a very small proportion – less than 1% of sleeping reporters.

That is why, if you sleep a little, you will get better, because you will have genetically modified, that's all, you need more time to rest.

4. Patio bones

These benefits are not likely to come out of a superhero comic. This character can be called "strong bones man or woman".

As we old, most of our bones lose the density and bone mass. It is called osteoporosis. Bone fractures and disorders

But there is a mutation in gene called SOST. Some control the protein stricture that controls and controls the growth of the bones.

A study conducted by research and development scientists at Chrysostes in Boeal in Washington found that the mutationists found that the bone mass did not lose when the age was older.

Their bones add to the density and durability of the ages, giving them the skeleton of a very young man.

This mutation has been discovered by some African-speaking people, known as the population of the Dutch in South Africa.

Now, scientists seek ways to repeat this transformation to allow others to overcome the age of their skeleton.

5. The height compatibility

Andian communists call it "foxes" and no one who experiences it will forget it. This is a high level of stress due to lack of oxygen.

This height can cause sick or mountainous illnesses usually lead to laziness, low pressure, headache, and respiration.

There are many tactics that can be avoided to avoid: Slow down, eat a little, do not do great effort, chew the crow. Some take medicines. But it is true.

However, it is not a problem affecting the people living on the mountains.

Studies by Andes and the Tibetan people of the Himalayas proved that they have the genetic qualities of their genetic personality.

Their torsos are large and have more lung capacity, allowing them to include more oxygen in each inspiration.

When most people get more oxygen, there will be excessive blood pressure.

Although these populations are part of their genes, these groups are shifted to low places, but these qualities are maintained.

Perhaps this body does not make them "superheroes", but rather a tourist who has striven to get into a single soil. He travels to a place where many bags carry in many places – and sometimes he believes they are overly confident.

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