Thursday , May 6 2021

Hangouts die, Google's failure against the bootup and already …


Though Google In this regard, the official statement has not been given, at this moment, a report is guaranteed Hangout Will be available for a little time in a year. According to this data, Mountain View Company, has plans Finish hangouts As a platform for instant messaging system and video calls And this is not the first time such a movement has been made, it is not the first time WATAP WINKS. Now, it looks like they did not leave and then came Hangouts The second & # 39; new chat & # 39;, Though Google Alo

There will still no one remember Google Talk. Came after HangoutIn the year 2013And after four years, Mountain View Company put a spin on their system Instant messaging. Later came the most recent Google Alo and Google DuoIn Google's view, to maintain two independent services for conversations and for video calls And because of the efforts they made, they could not comment WhatsApp, Which results in widespread rest of the services. In fact, back Messenger, Which is also there Owned by Facebook

Google's eternal fight against Watch Tower: A new defeat with Hangouts, but there is still more to see

It has been done later Google Abandoned –Or almost Support for Hangout. The Mountain View Company has stopped publishing news for this service as it has been created Meet Hangouts Chat and Hangouts His efforts to win companies did not work, as it is also a leader in that field and that is it Slack, Shortly before that I buy Atlasian To get rid of a strong opponent Hipchat Hangouts are still like some of its successes Chat in Gmail, But it's not enough to deal with Huge WhatsApp, And so is the date of his death already set for Year 2020

As we have said, Mountain View Company has it Google Alo and Google Duo, Those who are still trying to steal some cakes Watts, messenger, and telegrams, Which is the big three in instant messaging. When in 2020 Hangouts hangs up on this information, we will not see it or not Try again with another applicationIt seems that it will happen-, If they focus on Elo or what plan they plan to take.

Written by Carlos González

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