Monday , January 18 2021

Hantavirus: It has been tested that Male Mice has more infections than female

A study conducted by Fundaion Mundo Sano and the National Institute of Human Viral Disease (Invave) for ten years, confirmed that the condoluluo mouse, the carrier of Andes virus, is responsible for the cases of haunting in the sink, If it is male and heavier, it is more biased to get the infection.

Research, which also includes the municipality of Rio Cuarto (UNRC) and Colilla (Chubat), also showed that Those mice can be found in many habitats, As both of them were captured in the fields modified by humans (agricultural land and peridomestic sites) through the sample Pasture, shrubs, plants and forests Argentine's

"We take samples of rats in different environments such as Airbustol, Jungle, Pasture and Peridomicillaeo, and repeat this year in the spring, summer, autumn and winter season this year," said Tilo Marcelo Abril, who studied and executed director of Fundaion Mundo Srono Is there.

Expert said that About 7,200 traps were put in place By the station of Chulila area of ​​Cholila, with the intention of knowing "mice biology and ecology, transmitting infection and spreading moments and places where the highest population values ​​were reached".

Specify "It's important to show that Urban rats and rats are not part of the transmitting species", And noted that" significant strains of viruses spread "in the country and" all of them can cause Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). " "In April it was noted that" What is the difference between mortality rate between strains? "

We know that In many regions of Argentina, it is a local diseaseTherefore, to determine the spread of epine, where an endocrine virus should be analyzed, people should analyze it to determine what the environment and the contact status are. "It was consulted with the number of mice and their relationships. The incidence of April's disease shows that the percentage of infected rats is very changeable.

"When we studied the area of ​​Cholila, we considered variations at different times, which were between 1 to 14% of an infected rodent," he said. He added that the long-distance mouse is the most numerous other species – and is seen more often in "less disturbing places by humans than in a modified environment".

In addition, seasonal differences were observed with Autumn and winter raises the number of rats Trees or shrubs and fall in the summer and forest. Likewise, the rat sex was associated with the transmission of the virus, because the male resists the infection more than the females. There is also a positive connection between the rats and its weight infections, because heavy rats (hence older) are more likely to be mild (than adolescents or sub-adults).

Finally, studies show that Reproductive active rats are also more prejudiced to communicate the disease Non-active The spread of hybrids registered in the sink has already left 11 dead and 28 confirmed cases, while three others between Rose and La Plata have died from disease in Salta, where other types of virus spread and in the case of "health officials said that for the time of year It is common because it is in the local areas.

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