Monday , May 29 2023

Harry's brother is cruel to the Prince's wife


United Kingdom – The job of royal household considerations in the United Kingdom, one vacancy, vacant plants, attracts infinite candidates. So, that's wonderful Helpers of Cloud Market I abandoned her for six months, doing rosy work in a royal wedding.

A source from the Daily Mail portal talks: "This is a real shock, what do I need? Put a job So very proud. "

Initially, a spokesman for Chezonding's royal family declined to comment on the separation of a woman named Melissa, but in an extraordinary act to have "surrender" the unknown source of the palace, to say, what was the approval of his work?

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"Melissa is a Very talented person. She played an important role in the success of the Royal House. She will not be lost with everyone in the Royal House. "This means that his work in the palace is good and that his journey is another reason behind it, and the Dutch in Sussex is likely to have a shortage.

For example, when Melissa learned about the refusal of pre-circuits in Sussex, Thomas Murllell to attend The couple will marry a few days and bring the daughter to the altar.

This information is published along with the book "Charles et 70" by journalist Robert Jobson. In which he was the cloud for the kite midtone He handles the staff In the palace. The Duchess of Cambridge repeatedly asked him to relinquish the former Annexee staff.

But the emotional character of the cloud is not new, but comes from her period as an actress in the suites series. Your previous agent is Jina Nelthorpe-Cowne had come to describe her as a certain woman to succeed.

Jina said She did not enjoy her time, The required attention and its priorities. She is "soft" in everything, her clothes, schedules, and her colleagues, because she does not share her feelings if a worker does not find pleasure. Meghan "liked to go forward."

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