Saturday , January 16 2021

His first break in Milár and "Sembango"

At the end of the week, Milár Viará began a new season of "Sembongo" in his new television house (CHV) and with Juan Pablo Cuarlato. I do not even stop talking about JP because it's a total.

But we are specially going to the topic, after Milan's symbolic premiere, soon after its start and surprising investment, "Free Gosto".

I will be very honest: it happens to me that I still do not use Millera's face. I want to explain the point so that it does not misconstrue. There was a long time in the Chilivisin and "Sendingo" in Carrollo Mestrovic, in which the Caesar campus together, and the faces that are in the eye of the person, and they are all weekend in the weekend. So, I think we should use this new face, otherwise nice, but fantastic in the format. From time to time, social networks are angry and do not forget their gifts easily. Despite taking the lead, I think that it was not a good result at the beginning of "Sendingo", so he needs to go to Mellaiyan a little more and relax the audience and bond with him.

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