Saturday , January 23 2021

Huchippeto refused U offer by Soldado: "They told us that they do not have money"

Marcelo Pesse, Vice President of Talquan's Cast, said that the "Ascero" team did not get any proposals from the Venezuelan blues.

By: F. Ortiz and G. Quarroll

In the introduction of SEBI's Agood's new sports manager of Chili University, the director assured that he will not be continuing Yepherson beach After reaching agreement with HuchPeto

An alleged offer emerged from a blue invasion by the blue invader, in addition, Venezuela was provoked by the intention of Geraimio di Porto Allegra. However, talking to Marcelo Pacese, Vice President of "Steelmakers" CDF News And all denied.

– Huachippo offered to Yepherson motel?

No, never received an offer from Universidad de Chile, they told us that they do not have money. The US had the option of buying 50% pass for two million dollars, but two weeks ago they told us they would not. We offered flexibility to the issue of fees, but never offered the offer.

Then, Huchippato always intended to negotiate and the UA had left it

It is true that Huachippo is a serious and organized club, and it is built by the buying and selling of players. Yferson is a very popular player and he is only 21 years old and he will be a great guy at one time. That's why we tried to negotiate, but never had any offers from the US.

– Softado shirt will wear "steel"?

No, he will not come back to the club. We are looking at other options. We do not reject any team, it can be national or international.

Also interested in the blues Claudio SepulvedaThe flyer was requested Frank KüdeleckaBut there was no contract anywhere.

What happened to midfielder negotiations?

We had meetings with Sabine Agood, that was very close to the deal, but then the people of the United States refused. It was to buy 50% of your letter, although we were open for a loan too.

Talacua is the second one to leave Jimmy Martinez, Which are related Catholic University. "Jimmy is a respected actor in Huchipatto, but I can not deny his departure, so far there is nothing for him, if he comes from a club (Catholic), it can be a good place," Paes said.

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