Thursday , August 18 2022

"I think the obesity is obsolete in Magellanes"


LObesity is still a problem for the country and moreo
Magellanes region. A new report has been revealed this week
The organization was published by the organization of the United Nations
Food and Agriculture (FAO)
The most obesity index in South America is among women.

He says
"Food and Nutrition Security Panorama of America
Latina and the Caribbean 2018, "31 percent of the female population
Years present this condition.

In Chile, the child's excess weight decreases 24.9% percent, second in South America.

He says
Latest latest National Health Survey
More than 13.6% of children aged less than six years in 2016-2017
They are over the age group of 14 to 64 and are watching the condition
At 32.3%

Local comments

Maríla Rojas, the Ministry of Health in Magellanis, said
Infertility is a regional and national issue, not only in women
But boys and boys are the most serious thing.

Like policies
We work in many fronts, we hope for you
Good results, because they are a fast and they are not fast
Cultural change, especially a kind of lonely way of life and kind
Diet, I lead us to a lifeless lifestyle
Obesity. "

At another time, Underwater Secretary of Networks in Magellanese
Dr. Asistenciales Dr Lewis Castillo remarked that "obesity is a must
Problems in Chile, Women not only, and men more
Obesity and childhood Obesity is a serious problem
The same is a comprehensive approach
Cross section, not only from a health perspective, but also
Education and physical exercise ".

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