Monday , January 18 2021

In 2018 it broke five games

This was a great year for the world of 2018 videogames and no one can deny it. There are many titles that have led us to live extraordinary adventures in various genres, extraordinary adventures, war, adventure, struggle, etc. From all the titles we present this year, we have chosen five best and most recommended with Pinzas.

Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are the consoles that bring big electronic games to the market during this year, which is a major sales success worldwide and is a favorite of gamers. Thereafter, the details of the five best games that made ridiculous and abandoned with tandemis and some more than reportedly.

Red Dead Redempeian 2

Cowboy's action in the Old West was one of the greatest publishers of this year's creators of Grand Theft Auto.

Gunman Arthur Morgan and his band Van Der Linden's enterprises lead all the gamers in 1899 to enjoy this great adventure located in America's heart.

Reddade Raidemapian 2 was officially released on October 26, where its sales were successful in a short time. Also available for PS4 and Xbox One consoles, he won awards for best performance for Best Narrative, Best Soundtrack, Best Sound and Roger Clark, which gave the voice to the protagonist Arthur Morgan.

Pokémon Let's Go

This year's closure, Pokemon reached twice, Pokémon Let's Go, Pechu! And Pokémon Let's Go, Eve !, which has been developed by Game Freak, and has received 91% approval by Nintendo and the Pokemon company, which has fully released users for Nintendo Switch Console, and is a premiere on 16th. In November it has multiplayer and player mode, it is also based on the classic system of traditional yellow Pokémon and has participated in some successful game of Pokemon Go cell phone, which allows Pokemon to send from the same application, a very interesting link for the coach. One of the most popular sports campaigns premiered during the Nintendo Switch this year.

God of War 4

Battle God is a renowned adventure and the reincarnation of the action franchise Sony Santa Monica, which continues with the outcome of the adventures of the legendary Spartan Cratos and their actions. In addition to that, he became a great winner, because he recently selected the best video game of the year at The Game Awards Gala, and it has been awarded the Best Visual Studio Award for Best Play Station Game in the various categories of 2018 Golden Jostical Awards. , Among other people, better stories


If we talk about this year's best games, Spider-Man can not be absent from our catalog, and Marvel Superhero has enjoyed a lot of fans who still enjoy it on PS4. He reached the console on 7 September and was one of the best games that crossed 3.3 million copies in just three days, which was the fastest selling in the history of the PlayStation. . Many are the titles of Spider-Man, which went out in the retro console earlier, but none of these is so far, because Spider-Man has many skill skills, improvements and cobwebs. In addition, we will not find the elements found in the Spider-Man game.

Soul Kalibur VI

It took but it arrived. After six years of silence and when many thought that Saga reduces the curtain, Soul Calibur appeared with the sixth innovation graphic style and new methods of fighting. By this, new power was added to other classic characters like Mitsurugi, Grow, Nightmare, Surveventus, Raphael. In addition, it has an epic story system in which it describes the fight for two legendary swords. On October 19 this year, Bandai made his official premiere for one of the company's most popular fighting games, Sol Kaleibur VI, the PS4, Xbox One and PC Console.

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