Monday , May 17 2021

In cases of Magellan, there has been an increase, more than 51 people diagnose HIV

World AIDS Day was celebrated yesterday, with the aim of raising awareness about HIV / AIDS, a date that is a major milestone in the promotion of prevention and self-care messages. In this area, 51 people have been notified between January and October, related to 8 women and 43 men.

This figure represents all the cases examined in 2017.

In 2017, 12,244 examinations were processed by public and private networks, which increased 12% compared to 2016.

Along with this, the last night with the bioclaimatic building's red light (such as the HIV / Aids preventative loop), an urban intervention that wants to increase the importance of self-care and responsible sexuality, to strengthen the preventive message.

In order to attract the attention of student community in health seminars with Inac Monitors, Magellans University, Santo Tomas Institute and Inju, and developed an preventive activity, including the establishment of academic tables in the hall of the Inacp to sensitize the problem.

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