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In downtown area, this summer should be at least 39 days for this summer to anticipate that national


Researchers at Talaq University predict summer The maximum temperature is 33 degrees Celsius with a maximum of 23 days. A heat wave will suffer Downtown areaEspecially Valparaíso, Metropolitana, O & # 39; to Higgins, Maule and Bío Bio regions.

The 39mm millimeter thermometers in Moul may be pushed down from January to February. Around 280,000 hectares of forest land was destroyed in this area. In 2017

So he hoped BioBioChile Irrigation and agroclimology (SITRA) Center for Research and Transfer of Pulmono González at the University of Talca: About six days later it is near the temperature (39 degrees Celsius).

The 50-year high temperature study at the University of Talaka is to reach historical conclusions as follows.

"In the summer of the 20th century, we had 135 warm days (25 degrees or higher), which increased to 146 days in the 21st century.We had 13 days of hot waves in the 20th century, we're now projecting We have 23 days in 2019, we are considering a high risk"Explained Agroclimatologist.

Now, the farmers are giving financial support to the state of the damages, but in the immediate aftermath of this destruction, there is no money to process it. "

– Patrico González

In addition, Gonzales indicated it Drought This may also lead to attacks by violence in the summer of 2017. "The rain fell to 97 days in the last century and now it has fallen for 64 days," he said.

Special warnings are given to the "sunbursts" and the dangers of the megaproe into the agricultural area of ​​the region.

It should be remembered that in the summer of 2017, in the mullet area, the affected forest has more than 280,000 hectares of area with mega fire. Phenomenon 30-30-3030 ° or more, 30% less relative humidity and 30 km / s in diameter.

Jose San Martin, who studies from the Institute of Biological Sciences of UTalka, said the plant will have enough water supply to prevent the consequences of fire.

"A rest of the forest that represents a risk is biomass, because a group of trees must be burned because the biomass needs to follow the normal blood circulation cycle of this substance," he warned.


Gonzalez did not regret it "The planet is lost in the fight against climate change. Although climate change since 1995 has produced 25 assemblies, the main greenhouse gas we produce is carbon dioxide.

Another aspect of the fundamentals, said the expert There are no agencies like Mega Beach in 2017 Or, now affecting California. "

"Chile needs speedy climate change legislation To create short-term strategies to simplify climate change. Like farmers, it only provides financial assistance to the victims. But this is not enough to pay much.

Sensors to analyze the theaters

Mathew Bardin, head of Engineering Department of UTalka, has developed a project called "Integrated UAV Integrated System in Forest Response" as a way of supporting timely battle timings. A drone consisting of a drone consisting of segments for taking and analyzing the lost objects.

"This idea is innovative because we have used to capture images and videos in these accidents, but we can not create information that we can thank you for integrating our sensors," Professor, led by the Robotics Laboratory, explained. Casa de Estudios Arial implemented in Chile on the Curicó campus of Moulina.

Centers will be created to create maps for the exact location of fire, thermographic systems etc. It will help coaches and fire specialists to coordinate fire fighters.

The aim is to provide enough information to those who decide on how to deal with fire within a reasonable time. It is a vehicle carrying drone sensors, which eventually collects and processes the information and is accessible to the data on a map that analyzes volcano rates through an application. An electronic device on the ground, "Burdin was added.

The project will be supported by National Afforestation Corporation (Conaf) and Chilean Wood Corp. (CORM). The benefit of the project can be used for both these projects. Them.

"Taking better decisions, unincorporated Technology is very important, information as possible. This will allow us to determine the best plan for the campaign models, validated,. Kashmir, the Coast Guard of the Department of Forest Engineer pharnantea Ramiro said:" endangered citizens to improve the neritunnavaruteyum suraksitatvannal Notably, receiving inulla measures.

The professional will also contribute to the system after its firefight review will be donated as well.

In addition to the development of sensors, the staff of these institutions are trained for drone use, so they learn to use them and get licenses issued by General Directorate General Directorate of Chirac in Chile. In destructive areas

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